• Barbells

    Barbells can be considered one of the staples of body piercing, and you will be amazed at the quality and selection of barbells we offer. Barbells are most commonly used as tongue rings, but they are also a multi-purpose piece of body jewelry that can be ideal for all kinds of piercings.

  • Belly

    Belly button rings, often called navel rings, have evolved beyond the counterculture beginnings of body modification and have become a nearly universal mainstream accessory for women all over the world. Body Jab has all the essentials for starter belly button piercings. Choose our simple designs or our soon to be offered fancy dangles, all in a variety of materials.

  • Captive Bead Rings

    Captive Bead Rings, shortened as CBRs, are one of the most versatile pieces of jewelry used in body piercings. Simply put, they are just round hoops that can go in virtually any type of piercing you can imagine. Body Jab carries the highest quality of surgical stainless steel and titanium captive bead rings.

  • Curves

    Eyebrow rings, also called curved barbells, are very versatile and can actually be used for a number of piercings other than the eyebrow. It is theoretically identical to a regular barbell, except that the shaft is curved. From simple steel eyebrow rings to more decorative gemmed styles, Body Jab will have all the hottest designs to decorate your brow.

  • Labret

    Labrets are one of the most popular styles of body jewelry, as they are primarily used for piercings around the mouth, lips, and cheeks. A Monroe stud, for example, is a piercing placed off-centre on the upper lip, and is meant to resemble a beauty mark (Marilyn Monroe, the namesake of this piercing, had a very memorable mark in that exact area).

  • Nose

    Nose rings have been in the mainstream long before body jewelry became popular, but it still remains one of the best selling items in our industry. Our beautiful lineup of nose bones, screws, hoops, and fishtails will have you clamoring to purchase all the styles! With a number of material options like stainless steel, gold, and Sterling silver, Body Jab is ready to provide whatever it is you are looking for.

  • Tools

    Body Jab has access to an array of tools available at very affordable prices. Choose among our selection of disposable piercing tools, or longer lasting non-disposable surgical steel piercing tools. Piercing tools have never been easier to purchase*.

  • Horseshoe

    Horseshoes, or circular barbells, are bent into the shape of a U, which is why they were dubbed horseshoes. Circulars are popular styles of body jewelry that enables the wearer to get creative with their piercings.

  • Deals

    Our Deals and Specials!

    Current special is 50% off UV Acrylic Barbells, Belly, and CBR's with coupon code.

  • Ear/Cartilage
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